Art Crush: Larry Niehues (NSFW)

The sun is setting across the desert at the edge, painting a glow on the few trailers that litter this side of the 10. Wind turbines like giants rise on hills behind me. I pull at the frayed stitching on the edge of the car seat and drive with my kneecap. I am all sweat-soaked and so hot I can’t get hungry. And cannot remember the last time I was hungry for anything besides you.

Larry Niehues grew up in the south of France, and has since childhood been cultivating an eye and fascination for America. He has recently set out on a classic American road trip for the creation of his new book, Nothing Has Changed. He captures the world in a time bears no weight sort of way, grainy images of humans doing what they do best, being human. He is joined in this series by the lovely french babe, Beladona.

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