Preview: Faith47 “Aqua Regalia – Chapter Two” at Jonathan Levine Gallery

Cape Town’s renowned street artist Faith47 returns to New York for the second installment of her Aqua Regalia series; work that “further extends the possibilities of immersive spaces, enveloping the viewer into a sacred ‘room’ filled with collected objects and other intricacies from everyday life.” The exhibition also reintroduces us to Faith47’s figurative paintings that successfully capture the impact of her mammoth murals, albeit more compact. Her mixed media paintings utilize graphite, spray paint, oils, ink, photography and collage to counterpoint the stream of images all human beings are confronted with on a daily basis.

But unlike with most television, movies and photography that ask little of the viewer, content to skim the surface of plot points and exposition, Faith’s artwork rewards the viewer who attempts to peel back the layers and take a closer look. Images of sanctimony and contemporary detritus fuse with personal philosophical explorations that lean towards a spirituality of the self. Aqua Regalia – Chapter Two runs at Jonathan LeVine Gallery from 19 November -19 December 2015.

JLG_Faith47_merci-ste-mere Faith47---marianne Aqua_Regalia_hc-svnt-draconsAqua_Regalia_lay-your-weapons-downAqua_Regalia_Yearning faith47---escaping-fragility

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