Lingerie Guide: Hana Haley x Hopeless x Creepy Yeha (NSFW)

This collaboration is for late nights and early mornings. It is for the woman who doesn’t mind getting tied up until sunrise (pun intended).  Photographer Hana Haley & indie starlet Kacie Marie capture the exciting work of Hopeless and Creepy Yeha as they introduce a collection of all black pieces, with a perfect balance between delicate and BDSM.

Personally, when I first see a lingerie collection, I imagine all the ways I could wear the pieces outside of the bedroom. As a collector, I justify my ever-growing lingerie closet by incorporating them into my wardrobe. The strappy black bra under a loose tank top and jeans. That mesh crop top, with no bra, and overalls. And my favorite, those incredible black-bondage “I came prepared for this” panties under a dress, on a third date. There is no reason why your favorite lingerie pieces should sit in a drawer waiting for a special occasion. The more you work them into your outfits, the more likely you are to be wearing them in the right place and the right time.

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