Green Valley Lake: A Short Super8 Film That Gave Us Cabin Fever

Green Valley Lake is a silent short film chronicling the experience of a woman who faces supernatural disturbances in a remote cabin: written and directed by Kimberly Willming, produced by Wendy Willming and Jill Beth Hannes. As she (actress Kaiman Kazazian) begins to unhinge we are taken along on a chilling account. Inspired by psychological-thrillers and 1980’s horror film style, the piece is both beautifully rendered and slightly unnerving.

This reminds me of being young and making movies in the backyard with my parents camcorder. There was a certain commitment to creation back then. We lacked censorship and self-consciousness. There is simply not enough of this being done – imaginative, creepy, and eye catching. There is something haunting in this film.

They have done an exceptional job marrying the various elements that go into making a silent film. The use of the Super8 gives it an undeniably vintage aesthetic, along with the set design and styling by Tiffani Rae. And the simple piano score heightens the explorative tension as she moves through the cabin. Shot over night in Big Bear, California, the overall effect immediately takes you elsewhere. It is incredible how much can be said with no words at all.


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