Crap Eyewear’s Guest Lens: Exclusive Release Featuring Ted Emmons

Crap Eyewear’Guest Lens is an editorial photo series featuring some of the brand’s favorite photographers and talent. With previous shoots having involved TK Anderson and Daria Kobayashi Ritch, Crap is dedicated to creating a platform fusing together an ever-evolving collection of eyewear styles and the particular voice & aesthetic of a global collective of photographers and talent.

Crap Eyewear was created as an answer, “to an expensive and often all-too-serious eyewear market.” Their designs are fresh, their colors pop, and they are thankfully just as affordable as they are dope.


Their third Guest Lens capsule shoot, released exclusively here, features the wonderful work of fashion photographer Ted Emmons. Working with a compass toward bold hues and pretty women, he has gone beyond featuring the frames, and infused the entire series with the playful spirit of the brand. Brazilian model Rebecca Sampaio Dias is glowing in the Bahamas, an embodiment of a sunshine-good-time: car ride, base up, windows down, no need to be anywhere but here.

crap_eyewear-guest_lens-ted_emmons-high-02 crap_eyewear-guest_lens-ted_emmons-high-03 crap_eyewear-guest_lens-ted_emmons-high-04 crap_eyewear-guest_lens-ted_emmons-high-14 crap_eyewear-guest_lens-ted_emmons-high-01 crap_eyewear-guest_lens-ted_emmons-high-13 crap_eyewear-guest_lens-ted_emmons-high-12 crap_eyewear-guest_lens-ted_emmons-high-11 crap_eyewear-guest_lens-ted_emmons-high-10

View the full editorial here.

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