Art Crush: Nathan Kostechko x Joshua Spencer

Nathan Kostechko‘s work sparked my interest immediately. He is a skilled tattoo artist. What I love about his work, and tattooing in general, is that he places stories and memories into skin. Something is created between two people and carried into the afterlife… what a beautiful notion. I admire his tattoo work, however it is his polaroid collaboration with photographer Joshua Spencer that truly grabbed my attention. There is a message behind these images, and I knew that much at first sight. Perhaps, he is translating heartbreak. Or maybe, he has a minor fascination with the fluidity between life and death. I found myself examining each piece individually.


In their own right, the photographs are sexual. Shot by Spencer, they are all skin and the soft features of a beautiful woman. They are beautiful, but it is Nathan’s touch that brings the image deeper and begins to communicate ideas beyond a body. Bones are intrinsically a little morbid – that’s probably why I love them so much. They remind us what is permanent and what will eventually dissolve into everything else.

In the same way I appreciate the art of tattooing, I appreciate this collaboration. He is flirting with the idea of permanence. Often, without realizing it, we built attachment to things. People. Places. We grow something out of a relationship with another and pretty soon we feel it “belongs” to us. It is natural and if you have ever been enamored, it is quite a high. Taking my time with each image, I thought about this idea of possession. The images are thought-provoking. I would like to see more from Kostechko because his message isn’t exactly clear and that is always a sign of a talented artist.


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