Sunday’s Best: Steve Wintercroft 3D Paper Masks

These are paper 3D mask templets available on Etsy from Steve Wintercroft. With over 50 designs of everything from robots to wild animals – you simply order, print, assemble, and color to your wildest desires. I personally like the monochromatic ones pictured here as they lend something particularly spooky to the hallowed eyes and dream like features of these masks. While they are not out right scary I have a feeling they may haunt my dreams far longer than any bloody zombie I run into on Halloween night. They are an original, interesting, and an inexpensive way to take on the holiday. They can serve as the entire costume or the final touches to some fabulous outfits you’ve been crafting since August. The possibilities are endless with such a creative and open canvas.

wintercroft-1 wintercroft-3 wintercroft-7 wintercroft-9 wintercroft-10 wintercroft-5

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