NYC Artist Creates First Ever Feminist Pinup Calendar (NSFW)

New York-based artist and photographer, Andrea Mary Marshall, has released the first ever pinup feminist calendar. Marshall is photographer and subject in all twenty four images. Each month are side by side photographs of Marshall posing as a high gloss sexed up version of herself, à la Pirelli Calendar. And then next to it, a different side of her femininity as a fully clothed, sans makeup, serious version of herself. She is gorgeous in every single one of them, no matter which side of the coin you stare at, and this is precisely the point.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 12.44.25 PM

Her focus lies in the ownership of these images, having had full control of how she was photographed and to what degree she explored self-objectification and how it made her feel. In an interview on, Marshall comments on the juxtaposition saying, “I cannot say that one is more influential than the other. The main objective here is to say that they are the same. Both images are me, and one is not better than the other.” We are rallied behind this sentiment, a woman mustn’t choose between being smart and being sexy, both sides and so many more live inside the walls of our being. The Feminist Calendar 2016, premiered on the 15th and will be on view at Garis & Hann in New York through November 14th.

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