Music On The Mediterranean: 12 Artists Escape To The Côte D’Azur

The premise sounds like a 90’s social experiment- “This is the true story of 12 musicians, picked to make music in exotic destinations…”- but if the end goal were to facilitate genuine collaboration rather than incite drama, an inspirational and soul-searching experience would manifest. Enter The Invitational Group, masterminds behind a 10-day super secret music camp in Bali, Indonesia, who operate on the idea of the traveler and the artist being one in the same, both seeking to discover beauty in the unknown, to let go and jump without first looking down.

For the artists, songwriters and producers who are invited, attendance requires a definite leap of faith. Many arrive complete strangers, far away from the comforts of industry or home, and immerse themselves into intense daily songwriting sessions. What results is not just radio-ready hits, but also an immersive creative process that attracts top talent like Kesha and Nick Jonas. Here they are more than household names. They are bold innovators looking to stretch the limits of their talent.

The Invitational Group’s recent European offshoot brought attendees to Antibes, France- a charming coastal Riviera town unfazed by the glitz of nearby Cannes- where music studios were built aboard a 45 meter megayacht named BLISS, belonging to billionaire and founder of the SAE Institute of Technology Tom Misner (a music industry Bill Gates if you will). With the help of CROSS Pens, SOCAN, PMC Speakers and ROLI Seaboard instruments, guests spent their days writing, singing and succumbing to the magic of the mediterranean.


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