Interview Series: Kate Worum

A mega babe in Minneapolis, Minnesota wielding a paintbrush and wild imagination is our fixation at the moment. Kate Worum seems to see the world a little prettier than most, with her flowing lines, vibrant color palates, and an eagerness to turn life into her art. She is an illustrator and designer using her talents to help shape the face of fresh and visionary forward companies on the daily. Her work pops, layered and dreamy, some crossroads between our inner child and our ultimate chic self. The collection featured here caught our eye as she and photographer, Jenavieve Belair, worked together to reimagine some of the photographer’s most iconic images to date. Curious to know just what goes into making one of her pieces, we caught up with Worum in her studio.



LF: Hi! What is exactly that you do and have you found a way to support yourself through your art?

KW: I am a designer / illustrator / trend designer. I create things with my hands and I love the world of trend forecasting in both apparel and accessories and home decor. At the moment, I am a full-time freelance designer and artist.

LF: What medium/ materials are you working inmost of the time?

KW: India Ink and a paint brush mostly, I love how fluid it is.

LF: What does your process look like?

KW: Messy and layered. I’ll paint part of a illustration, draw another part, create textures, use found textures and then scan everything in to piece the illustration together digitally. I love having the control and ability to experiment without having to worry about completely fucking it up. It is stifling for me to create a piece start to finish on one sheet of paper, It also takes the fun out of it for me a bit.

LF: Artists can be very religious about their work habits. Can you relate? Where and when do you work best?

KW: In my studio first thing in the morning after a cup of coffee and a good night sleep…. And on a day where there is zero commotion.  And the temperature has to be 71 degrees. Haha, just kidding, kind of.

LF: And what does this precious studio space look like, and feel like?

KW: My work space is bright and filled with natural light which I love. I have two glass dining room tables that I have claimed as my work tables so that I am able to sprawl out. I have set up an “offline” side for pure making and no distractions and a tech side with my scanner, printer and computer.


LF: Ah, everyone could learn something from that I think. On another note, what does your playlist sound like at the moment?

KW: That’s tough, but maybe some old school soul tunes. I think what sums up my music taste the most is my playlist “dinner party” on Spotify that has a little bit of everything that I love. It has some Donny Hathaway a little Chaka khan a little Joao Gilberto all the way to Drake.


LF: What can you tell us about this specific collaboration; why is it so special and how did it come about?

KW: Jenavieve and I went to the same high school – even back then she was highly passionate about her work and I have been following it ever since. As a Minneapolis native needing lots of inspiration in the winters, I have especially enjoyed following her career in California. The moments she captures out there are foreign to my reality and it’s like an instant transport for me to a sunnier lifestyle without having to set foot on a plane. More specifically, I love how she captures femininity. There is a boldness to her photographs that can make people blush… and give you a sense of power even though it may not be you running down a highway naked… But in the moment you feel like it is or that it could be. I’ve been wanting to create illustrations inspired by her work for years, I just haven’t made the time. Now’s the time!

LF: That’s pretty rad to both grow as artists and come back together in this later stage. If you could, what would you tell your younger selves?

KW: I would tell myself to relax and trust the process. There is a lot of uncertainty as a young creative navigating your way through a career that has a lot of unknowns. I guess I would just tell myself, “Hey crazy pants, don’t worry, it’ll all fall into place!


LF: Three things you cannot live without?

KW: Loved ones, running, and adventure.

LF: From where do you draw your greatest inspirations?

KW: People and Travel.

LF: How fast do you live?

KW: I don’t live that fast, but I am impulsively and heavily in the moment.


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