Art Crush: Alpha Channeling (NSFW)


There’s something to be said for the mind of an erotic artist. Perhaps perverse, and always inciting. In our modern world saturated in porn and mindless sexualization, art prevails.


Graphic clips of two men penetrating a goddess, overcome by desire and satisfaction. 


Legs open; revealing a cosmic, radiant place within the human body.


 Colors taking prism shape, serving to connect two beings physically.


Infinite pleasure. 


Why is it that when sexual scenes are hand-drawn, they pose deeper questions? It could be the style of this particular artist, or could it be their imagination that inspires us to examine the act of sex on a deeper level? 


I ask you to touch yourself and envision what sexuality really means to you. Alpha Channeling does a beautiful job of making all forms of sex appear intimate and spiritually, just as they should be. 

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