Travelogue: Madeline Relph & Jourden Bowen In The Seychelles

Small licks of ocean water settle in her ears and latch on to her closed eyelids as if magnetized to her body. Wind rushes through dry leafy palms as their leaves rattle together in a hushed prayer. Waves smash the steady shore and scatter playfully, completing the rhythm of the tropical symphony. She floats in saltine zero gravity, sun melted and serene. What is a sense of wonder if not the captivation of each moment as it laps over you minute by minute? What is it to wander if not to float along, finally aimless and determinately unbound? Madeline Relph and her boyfriend Jourden Bowen capture details of their adventures on Instagram as they live a life of play and romance, photographed here in the Seychelles.


The Seychelles Islands are nothing short of magnificent. While they may be a 21 hour flight from L.A, the islands off the coast of Africa offer talcum powder beaches, jungles, marine parks and multiple private beach hotels. Whether you’re there with your honey, or island hopping solo or with friends, you might want to check out some of these options during your stay.


Where to stay in Seychelles, according to CN Traveler

We personally have a soft spot for North Island Hotel

Swim with whale sharks in South Mahe

Try not to abandon reality forever in La Digue

Have a full moon massage at the Four Seasons

Soak up the Creole food vibes at the 100 year old Marie Antoinette restaurant

Island hop to Aride Island and see creatures you’re likely to never see again

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