Sunday’s Best: The Fountain Tarot

I’ve been reading tarot cards since I was thirteen. My mother gave me my tarot deck. There is a bond between reader and cards, years of shuffling, and moving, and tears, and questions. I’ve had mixed reactions from people when I tell them this, from fear to fascination. I will first let you in on a secret, the tarot will not tell you your future. A tarot reading will only tell you what you already know, deep down in there, past the places you look and what you are comfortable in admitting out loud. It unearths the answers which already lie in wait.

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A rule I have been told about tarot decks is that someone must always gift it to you. So, I give you here, one of the greatest gifts you can give. The Fountain Tarot has created a deck for the modern reader, one as aesthetically pleasing and magical as the process itself. An incredible team of creators and artists banded together to re-envision the traditional tarot deck. They have paid unparalleled attention to every detail from the art of every suit to the golden gilded edges of the cards, the packaging and the book they wrote to guide you along your journey. In your hands the deck feels powerful and the energy one communes with their deck is the secret to reading tarot.

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There is something inherently beautiful about their mission, something beyond the gorgeous art. I tip my hat to those who recreate in their our vision while paying meticulous heed and respect to all which came before them. They have not reinvented tarot, nor would they claim to do anything like that. They have simply breathed new life into a tradition that is hundreds of years old. So, whether you believe, or you read, or you are simply of the curious kind, all of the answers are already waiting for you.

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The Fool: A leap of faith into the unknown. It sometimes takes blind faith to make the decisions which make us. GO.

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The Moon: Our deeper desires and unconscious nature often lurks within us like the dark side of the moon. However it is often those very inclinations, wants, and motives that pull upon us in our daily life. Getting in tune with our hidden side will grow a deeper understanding of our outer lives.


The Fountain: This card was created as the last of the Major Arcana by the visionaries of Fountain Tarot, a way to represent the never ending eternity of this journey, “beyond the doing of life and even the cycles– the unnameable force of which everything and nothing are a part. This is The Fountain.”


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