Sneak Peek: AXIS Show 2015

Because the me who drinks coffee and works all morning is the same me who runs out the door half dressed for yoga, and is the same me who is ten minutes late for drinks downtown and the me who craves only the most comfortable cozy bedroom come midnight. They are all the same woman. Our lives are constantly blurring the lines of what roles we rule until we are an amalgamation of everything we do. And that’s amazing, now the world just needs to catch up with us. And Axis is leading the charge, re-envisioning the way we shop and what we need, and honestly who we are as consumers. Axis is a lifestyle trade event hosted in New York over the next three days, September 17th-19th – a gathering of brands from around the world, perfectly curated to offer the modern woman the goods to outfit her life from dawn to dusk. Show director, Vanessa Chiu, has curated a multidimensional platform featuring brands in five crucial categories: fashion, beauty, athleisure, home and accessories. I mean, what else is there? We are excited to see what everyone is bringing to the table, in particular…


Fashion: Rue Stiic, Australia.

Founded in 2012 by Jillian Beed, this brand has grown to perfectly embody a fashion-forward and breezy surf culture chic. Every collection is filled with flowing pieces that beg for a walk on the beach, a combination of collectible must haves that go from afternoon to after party. There is balanced attention paid to looking you while feeling your best. We are particularly thrilled to see their new collection because no one quite does texture and modern costal living like Rue Stiic.


Beauty: Little Barn Apothecary, Georgia.

For starters I love the name. I am also a sucker for really good packaging and love their black and white minimal aesthetic. It also perfectly mirrors what their products are all about, honest, simple, and all natural. Created just earlier this year by Joshua and Brad on a quest to provide the world with modern apothecary goods. They are completely committed to giving you 100% organic, safe, and effective products. Yum.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 5.26.16 PM

Athleisure & Swim: Pacific and Driftwood, LA.

We love Pacific and Driftwood because they are nailing this category. The fire on three cylinders: Walk With Me, Sleep With Me, Swim With Me. Ok, I will. Inspired by designer Cristian Cox’s California mindset, her leisure and swimwear is the pinnacle of the ever evolving and ever busy lifestyle we have here hugging the coast. Her line is filled with unique fabrics, one of a kind prints, and inventive cuts that take flattering to a whole new level.


Hot As Hell, LA

Hot As Hell delivers. They are a beach lifestyle brand that believes ease does not mean understated. They have cultivated a line of simplicity and sustainability giving us machine-washable and seriously wearable garments that go anywhere and everywhere. There is something undeniably hot about that perfectly unkempt look, the I live near the beach and this is easy kind of vibe, and they have mastered it for you – high cuts, bold lines, and laces for days. Spring 2016, Hot As Hell is giving everyone else a run to the nearest watering hole.

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Home Goods: Aelfie, New York.

Because life could be a little more colorful and Aelfie meets that need with impeccable taste and innovative style. This home goods brand based out of Brooklyn is bringing all the fun to the table. Their handmade rugs are my favorite collection on their site, and the vast selection from bold and bright to muted and mellow gives any shopper ultimate options. Aelfie is dedicated to creating contemporary home goods using age-old techniques– the perfect meeting of two worlds for your home.


Accessories: Quay Australia, Australia

Because Beyoncé wears them, I think, should be what they lead with. Is there anything more fabulous than the queen herself? Uh, ya, The Queen wearing Quay. These sunglasses fuse the line between statement and staple. It is impossible to look anything other than to the nines when rocking these shades. Quay is cool, no questions asked, but they’re also comfortable and affordable and continually launching new designs that never fail to turn heads. Inspired by the festival circuit and a commitment fair trade working conditions this company is in every way setting the bar high.


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