Red, White and Blue: Travel Links No. 3

Though we equate Summer with fast flings and spontaneity, the golden months of the year are just as predictable as a snowfall in February, suffering the same restrictions of time and planetary movement as their colder, less scantily-clad counterparts. The days for crop tops and cutoffs are winding down, but we have one last long weekend to savor the home stretch: Labor Day. If 4th of July is a salute to Uncle Sam, then Labor Day should be a nostalgic tribute to American pastimes. Hot dogs and baseball, outdoor movies, boating on the lake. Here’s our multi-city picks for how to make it count:

Find a body of water, let your hair down and put your sails up.

If you happen to pick Lake Michigan, throw in this bar crawl.

Escape the states and head to a rooftop in Paris, or stay close and hit a rooftop pool.

Indulge in food porn and petting zoo’s at the LA county fair.

In NYC, dance your ass off at PS1, or learn to ride a bike like a boss.

In Washington, DC, who needs a beach when you have a Ball Pit.

If you’re plans involve the outdoors, look good in the heat with these beauty tips.

Wherever you go, shop our favorite patriotic-inspired accessories and go out with a bang:

L’Agent Goodies…