Preview: Davis Ayer at Book and Job Gallery (NSFW)

Sexuality is our own to express. To enter the mind of an artist and see the world through his eyes requires more than observation. It calls for appreciation for the process and all the little pieces that have come together like an entire story in a single frame. Inherent to appreciation, is the abandonment of bias. We do not exist here, rather we are on the outside- looking in. The photography of Davis Ayer is a sensual experience. Nudity. Contrasted with color. Dripping down into dark shadows, hiding in piercing light. Ethereal. Erotic, like the shape of a breast in its purest form. Hailing from Austin, TX, Ayer has been producing consistent work for years, establishing his style as a trademark of sorts.


On September 5th, the artist will bring his first solo show to Book and Job Gallery on Saturday September 5th ( This gem of San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood is continuing in their traditional showcase of photography. If you live the Bay Area, the gallery should be no new name to you. Quiet throughout the week, but by the weekends often alive and spilling onto the street. While many photographers acquire their fan base through social media, to experience their work in person is to view it as it is intended. Join us from 7-11PM on Saturday, September 5th. The saturated colors of his photography will no doubt feed into the crowd, as beautiful people sip beers and soak in the Summer’s night.

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