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I don’t know about you but I want music that moves me in the bones and forces me to forget I was supposed to wake up early tomorrow. I want live shows that bend my imagination and I want artists who push their own edges along with mine. I fell for Street Fever at a venue that half made me believe I’d walked onto a different planet, like I’d slipped dimensions in the smoky alleyway. I was hypnotized and hooked instantly. The man behind this mask has more in store for us than the heart palpitating tracks on his newest EP. There is a world, as he says, being created here and an approach to the project which leaves no creative stone unpainted and unused. As he currently is relocating to Los Angeles we are biting our nails to see more of this man. His new EP, Afflictions, is out right now, and you can listen here.

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LF: What is Street Fever?

SF: Street Fever is a number of things. It’s a way for me to get out feelings and visions that are close to me on many levels. It’s more than just music to me. It’s about creating a world that I can lose myself in and let my mind run free. Street Fever is a solo project but I also work with a couple vocalists that play with me live and record with me. It’s been fun creating a world on and off the stage and I always try to bring something new and exciting each time I play.

LF: Tell us about the mask.

SF: I made the mask out of old computer and vcr parts. I spent months thinking about exactly how I wanted it and just sort of went for it. It’s not the most comfortable thing to wear and I usually come out with cuts and bruises on my face after each show but I don’t mind.

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LF: I’ve seen you perform, and somewhere near the middle of the set, a super babe also in mask came out and rocked. Should we expect to see her in future performances?

SF: Yes. We’re always working on new ideas together and even classical pieces which we will be incorporating into the show. She’s one of my best friends and we’re always working on music and art for the project, which has been amazing. I love collaborating with people who I trust and are close to me and I love being able to do the collaborations live as well. I also bring out one of my best friends near the end of each set and basically we just lose our minds together. There’s nobody in the world that gets me musically like him. It’s the sort of comfort not even a mother could give to you. We’ve been writing music together for 7 years so it always means a lot to play together. It’s the best feeling ever to play shows with people who mean so much to me.

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LF: Visually,from the images, to the video, to the mask, you seem to take a very holisitic approach to the project. It feels beyond music. Would you agree with that, and why is this so?

SF: Street Fever is a world that I can take myself to, aside from the one we wake up in everyday. It’s a place for me to fantasize and take out all of my frustrations at the same time. It’s some sort of fucked up place that I’ve been creating in my head and I’m basically writing the soundtrack for it and molding the world each day. I’ve been bringing a lot of the visual side to life. I filmed and directed the first music video along with the photo series and recently had an art show with some framed photography from the “Afflictions” EP, which was awesome. I plan on continuing to further create this world and see where it takes my mind. I want to keep creating characters and further develop the world I live in aside from the one we wake up in everyday. It’s weird, fucked up and discomforting and I can’t get enough of it.

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LF: Word on the street is that Street Fever is relocating to Los Angeles this fall, what’s the scoop and what are your plans?

SF: Yeah, I’m very excited to get down there and get straight to work. I plan on playing shows all the time and also collaborating with artists visually and musically as well. I do video production for work so I’m excited to explore that realm more as well, and gain new skills along the way.

LF: What does “making music” look like for you?

SF: I see music in color which has always freaked me out on some sort of level. I’m more influenced by the machines that make the music rather than the music that gets made from the machines. I have a deep respect for the instruments and the people that create them. I sometimes feel weirdly connected to the ones I have at hand. Sound is just like the universe to me. It’s endless and I find a weird blanket of comfort when I’m around the instruments as if they were family. I’ll miss them like I’d miss a friend or family member when I’m on vacation and that has always been interesting to me.

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LF: How fast do you live?

SF: My drive and motivation have been pedal to the metal lately and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Life’s too short to be sluggish. Live fast, die slow.

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