Mahina’s Tree House

Mahina Alexander takes us through a lush playground in natural light photographed by Taryn Anderson. This editorial features a fresh eclectic mix of brands including Noe Undergarments, Rat and Boa and Liberated Heart and has us planning our fall wardrobe.


“My boyfriend and I came upon a tree that had fallen over and kept growing out and over a small reservoir. It was so serene and perfect that we just wanted to stay in it forever. We decided to go to Ace Hardware and buy wood to build a platform, and a friend of ours gave us a trampoline net they were no longer using. After a few days we had built the platform and started wrapping the net tight around two parallel branches creating a big breezy hammock. We added a platform towards the bottom to keep the trees from getting closer together while we lay on the net. It’s the perfect place to spend a day reading a good book and relaxing in the shade. We’ve also slept there a few times and the view of the sunrise reflected on the water that surrounds us is absolutely breathtaking.”


The heart of our world is where earth and skin come together. Long limbed branches are our swings, our arms ache sweetly from the climb. We catch the sun in our palms as it glitters and flashes between the space of soft green leaves. Crinkling white birch trunks are our resting place. Chests pounding, long inhales, and hushed exhales. Our mouths together, our fingers exploring, let the cover of shade guide us to a life at ease…

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@AFENDSWOMENS Sun Follower One Piece




@ARNHEM_CLOTHING Luka Striped Denim Skirt @RVCA_WOMENS Hang Zen Muscle Tee



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@LIBERATEDHEART Rose Gold Highs, Hendrix Jacket and Overalls

L’Agent Goodies…