“Hair Down, Sail’s Up” by Christin Rose

There is something inherently freeing about open water – perhaps the unavailable shore and the endless horizon, the rock of something so incredibly calming and yet out of our control, the effervescent taste of the salty air. Christin Rose took these notions very seriously and decided to live this summer in her highest truth by moving onto a 1973 Cheoy Lee offshore, aptly titled, ‘Wild Blue’. The endeavor, which she perfectly captured in this photo story, proved to be yes beautiful, and yes a classy good time, but it has also taught her a thing or two. Rose said, “It’s pretty incredible what happens when your focus & heart are sitting at the same table.” She learned the mostly love truths on the importance of surrounding yourself with people who will support your wild dreams, how invigorating it is to step outside the comfort zone, and just how rich any given day can be when you do what you truly want to be doing. Cheers to that.

hairdownsailsup002 hairdownsailsup003


LF: Other than being an obvious good time and collection of total babes, what is Hair Down, Sails Up? 

CR: Hair Down Sails up is a wanderlust themed project. It’s a catalyst for all things dreamy & adventurous. The babes in the series epitomize the wayfarer in each of us & my hope for the summer photo series is to inspire women, to adventure more – travel to unknown places, experience new things as often as possible, get out of the ordinary, break routines, and to not take things so seriously.

When you hang off the bow of a sailboat, with your hair blowing in the wind & all you can see is blue water never ending, you feel the infinite possibility of the world & your place in it. You breathe & see things clearly & truly feel the beat of your life. There’s nothing quite like it & that’s the feeling I want people to get when they look at the photos.  Hair Down, Sails Up is for the free spirit in us all, to the nomad in all the girls I know. The photos are meant to evoke the little dreamer in everyone. Basically, if I ruled the world, we would cheers to champagne, wear captain’s hats, & catch sunset every single day. Hair Down Sails Up is my fantasyland where freedom, love & travel are all that matter.


LF: How did you settle on a boat, why not a car or an RV?

CR: The simple answer is I’m obsessed with classic sailboats. They have magic. They can take you to places like Catalina & Mexico on a moment’s notice. You see differently when you’re on a boat, it gives you an entirely different perspective & a different viewpoint of places that maybe you’ve been to time & time again. It’s the ultimate symbol of Freedom & that’s exactly what we wanted this summer to be about.

As luck would have it, my boyfriend, River Jordan, and his one-in-a-million family have a boat. It’s not just any boat, but the raddest 1973 Cheoy Lee offshore, with the most fitting title, ‘Wild Blue’. I’ve always been fascinated with sailing & the ocean, but it was his family that inspired me (and gave me the opportunity) to move onto a boat. They took a 3-year trip sailing throughout Central America & the Caribbean as a family!  They pulled their kids out of school when River was 12 to sail, see the world & be together. They rock basically. Original nomads if you will.


LF: What a dream! What has been the best of this summer?

CR: Well, keeping in theme, we took our show to the Caribbean for a week in June.  Along with some dear friends, we charted a catamaran out of St. Thomas. We explored islands that I didn’t even know existed, we swam in the brightest blue waters imaginable. We laughed our asses off. We drank so much Rose. We played with the locals; we almost won a limbo contest on the white sands of the Island of Anegada. We learned to drive the boat. My girlfriends & I laid out every morning dreaming, drinking coffee or beer (depending on the morning) solving the problems of the universe. There were no showers & no cares. We’re such lucky fools to have gotten to do that this summer. Haha, I’m laughing out loud just thinking about how ridiculous it was. Current Life goal = do this more often.


LF: Do you plan to stay in this a new way of life? And if so can I join?

CR: Haha, yes you can!! We’re on the boat all the time, but after 5 months on the boat, we actually just moved onto land; we got a little place in Manhattan Beach. It has hot showers & a closet, some perks that Wild Blue didn’t. Don’t worry, we have every intention of living on a boat again someday but turns out as we’re both pursuing our careers in photography, we need a place for our computers & hard-drives to stay dry.

LF: What are your thoughts on the idea of home?

CR: Ha, well my instinctive answer is “You are home,” coined by the dreamiest characters of all time, Penny Lane. Maybe she was onto something in that unforgettable scene of almost famous. Home is where you decide to be at that place in your life. It could be a boat, It could be an airstream, it could be somewhere far away. It’s the people around you that make it home. It should be where your heart is happy at that place in time. I hope for me it involves some more adventure mobiles though!


LF: If you could pick a soundtrack for Hair Down Sails Up, what would it be?

CR: Ooooo, well there is one actually. The music makes up for so much of the vibe when on the water. Let’s just say, If Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty & Donovan Frankenreiter had a baby, I think the world would be a better place. It’s a little whimsical, mixed with some songs that you can sing at the top of your lungs cause no ones around to keep you quiet, I’ll give you a little taste:

1: Dreams Fleetwood Mac (duh!)
2: Beach in Hawaii, Ziggy Marley (I could listen to this on repeat all day long)
3: Wakin’ on a Pretty Day, Kurt Vile
4: I’m good, The Mowgli’s
5: Runaway, Mr. Little Jeans
6: Live in Dreams, Wild Nothing
7: Seaside, The Kooks
8: Free, Donovan Frankenreiter (This song is everything!!) I mean seriously, the words:

Here comes corner winds and the changin’ tide
We better drop them sails and get inside
When will the weather ever let us go
I guess we’ll have to wait until the trade winds blow
–And we’ll be free
Free, free, free


LF: What do you have in the cooker for your next adventure?

CR: We have an Irish Road trip planned for this fall & an adventure to the South of France. Nothing is really planned but the tickets are bought! I also want to do some sailing shoots in Portland as it gets colder to get a wintery adventure vibe.

LF: How FAST do you live?

CR: Oh that question, it’s so good. You girls! Ever since I was really young, I dreamt of an ideal life jam packed with photo taking and plane riding. A life where I would travel, experience, and photograph beautiful people. I never stop thinking this way; one idea for a shoot rolls into the next. Each and every journey inspires the next place I’m going. I guess I didn’t really stop & think of it but it’s very fast, it’s furious, in the pursuit of this life.

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