“Dream Beings” by Renee Carey

It is no secret that the company you keep is a direct reflection of the person you become. Take stock in those who sit at your table and what they are bringing to the feast. Invite those near who inspire you, challenge you, and set you loose in the world. A good friendship allows and even asks the energy to flow in both directions. Kelley Ash, model and stylist, and Leore Hayon, model and actress, are photographed here by Renee Carey. Friends forever, the vibes bouncing back and forth between these two in every image brings more than their pretty faces to the frame. We could never grow tired of this duo photographed side by side – those curls and that gap tooth, those dreamy bohemian eyes, their perfectly orchestrated vintage flare. We always want it, and we always want more of it. Stack your deck with makers, dreamers, and world movers because there is something to be said about friendship that delivers.


 “All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together.” ~Jack Kerouac

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