Travel Links No. 2

Despite what that infectious summer hit has you singing, there’s something about the stagnant heat of August that makes you want to break out – of your clothes, your apartment, your day job – and carpe diem.

Do it. Get off your beach towel, stop eating these and go live before it’s too late. It’s the last month of summer: get wild or go back to work.

Photo: Derek Wood


Our latest travel inspo:

hitchhiking robot had it rough in America.

We’re going here on our next California road trip.

How to throw a secret party in a hotel room. We’d do it in New York City.

25 places to visit before 2016, and one infinite reason to visit Denmark.

This life affirming argument for wanderlust will make you cry a little.

Cuban Millenials are the new it-crowd.

You must go here if you visit Sydney.

Stop thinking and start booking. Here’s a discount!


What we’re packing:

L’Agent Goodies…