Titillating Technology: Sex Links No. 3

The tech industry is taking over the world in such a way that it’s changing the way we get intimate.  There are plug-ins for getting plugged, Snapchat has become Porn with ADD, and Vanity Fair recently called Tinder the “dawn of the dating apocalypse,” but is it all such a bad thing? We already bring our smart phones to bed, so why not put them to good use? Our links below hack into the conversation.


Love on an airplane is not unlike casual dating.

LF babe Evie Bear explores relationships in the app age.

Somehow it’s socially acceptable to post your ‘Other Woman’ status, but we’re not so sure.

Even sex gadgets are upgrading. Shop for them here, or keep it old school.

Here are our favorite primitive instruments for non-virtual encounters:

L’Agent Goodies…