The Neverending Summer Traveler’s Skincare Kit

With the demands of the Summer Tour, I wanted to suggest some of my favorite items to equip and compliment the already established beauty rituals of the ladies of Live FAST Magazine as they take on an adventurer’s guide to Europe. In this guide, you’ll find natural products, holistic healing and everything you need to throw into your bag for your next big trip!

When traveling the 3 basic tips to keep in mind are to protect, hydrate, treat. You always want to pack a few treatment items that will allow you to treat your skin in a pinch. Below are my current faves!



Nothing sucks more than getting your essential beauty product confiscated at airport security. Especially when traveling abroad, in a country where that particular brand is out of reach. Even worse when that product is SPF, and your travel plans consist of nothing but sun worship. Thankfully Sun Bum, the purveyors of 100% vegan, small batch sunscreen from Cocoa Beach, Florida, help prevent both sun damage AND a TSA hold-up. Their Day Tripper kit packs before-and-after sun care in travel approved sizes. It includes their signature sunscreen, cool down hydrating aloe lotion, and their broad spectrum lip balm great for all day use.

Other favorites: Kate Somerville Daily Deflector , La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Cooling Water & Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-touch SPF

TIP: When picking an SPF, use something lightweight to layer throughout the day and sit well under makeup without leaving your skin feeling congested. 



This product, made from organic plant extracts like geranium and lavender, is a fast-absorbing oil based formula great for hydration and replensishing nutrients into your skin while traveling. A little goes a long way alone, or if you need an extra boost of moisture all over your body it mixes well with any face or body lotion for head to toe nourishment. 

Other favorites: Kate Somerville nourish cream, Tisane lip balm

TIP: Think dual purpose, the best travel go to’s for that instant hydrated glow are balms and oils that can double for lip and face if needed. 



While much of a traveler’s skin care products help protect and provide for on the go scenarios, it is also necessary to take a moment to allow the body to unwind. For a holistic touch, here’s an organic line for men and women with the intention of healing. The Rolling Liniment Heat Rub is a topical treatment for muscle strains, pains or headaches. A combination of natural oils and aroma therapy soothe and nourish mind body and spirit for any unexpected travel woes along the way.

Other favorites: MUN Skin Oil, Kate Somerville Exfolikate, HUM Runway Ready Vitamins, SKYN Iceland Eye Packs

TIP: Beauty comes from within, and after the exhaustion of traveling, one thing to maintain is your skin’s health. Choose products with vitamins to help heal from the inside out. 

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