On Why Quitting Is The Best Thing You Can Do For You

We as humans get to make a conscious choice every single day how and where we spend our energy. There is only so much to go around. Relationships in all facets compose a majority of our time– our work, our lovers, our close friends. And when things start out there is always a honeymoon phase, there is a reason these people and situations are in your life to begin with. But what happens when you get to the greener side and it is actually just AstroTurf? What happens when the feast is a moment shy of rotten, your friends leave you feeling fried, and your significant other is kind of a dick?


I get that real life, real relationships, are not a Pinterest board. I understand someone has to take out the trash. There is an inevitable level of mediocrity in store for all of us in everyday life. And there should be something quite lovely in that if you are doing it properly. But, what I am talking about is the how and the when to draw the line in the sand. When is it ok to give up and get on with it rather than zip your lips and assume, it’s good enough.

Too often we ignore obvious omens or red flags, we silence the inner voice saying, Hello this is kinda fucked up! We feel like, Shit I’m in this, why quit now? I’ve had this job for years, I’ve put in my time. She used to be a good friend, maybe it will look up soon. But you should not feel shame in recognizing, that maybe this isn’t right. Too many people stay in situations because it was hard enough to get into it, let alone trying to get out of it. You think it will turn around, get better, get back to where you once were. You think you should wait it out.

But I am telling you, screaming from the other side of the cavern, that if something or someone is not serving you in the highest order, then quit. I think of relationships, all of them, like a table. Ask yourself, what are they bringing to the feast, and is it half rotten?

The only person you have to answer to is You. I give you permission, or sanction, or whatever you think you need and you aren’t getting. I give it you. Quit – The girlfriend who sucks the life out of you every time you see her, the job that makes you want to crawl under your desk and cry, the diet that makes you a miserable human to be around. All of this, all of them – Quit. Because quitting is liberating. Quitting is amazing. Quit because you can, because it is your life. Quit because the space and the energy that this relationship is taking up could be filled with so many better and brighter things. We only have so much space. I strip the word of it’s connotation because guess what, there is something amazing in saying, Fuck it, I’m Out.

L’Agent Goodies…