Miss Lonely – Volume One: A 246-Page Art Book Celebrating The Female Form

I’ve been telling people I’ve gotten lonely in the marrow of my bones. And though I am not entirely what I mean by this, I know it to be true. I can feel it in the way I carry myself through doorways, the ways I fold my hands beneath the table, how I undress when I am alone. I’m learning this is something to covet, I am learning so much in the pages of this project. I have been following Asher Moss (Basement Fox) on Instagram for as long as I can remember, hypnotized by his images, their other worldly vibe, and vintage aesthetic. His work speaks a different language, like the old vinyl playing from the other room. He often features his wife Melody Meadows and the way he captures her and every woman, gives us all something to strive for in the ways we wish to be seen. Miss Lonely, Moss’s newest and most delicious project to date is a 246 page tribute to the greatest work of art there is – the female form.


Printed in high quality color with a hardcover and matte finish, it measures the same size as a vinyl record. The creation of this book is as lovely as what you find in its pages. Calling, Miss Lonely, a coffee table book is such an undersell, I’d call it more of coveted collection – a look into an incredibly creative mind and soul who sees the world in a remarkable way. I’d call it a fucking work of art, a dream, and honestly one of the sexiest things I have ever laid eyes on. There is such a celebration here of unaltered natural beauty. Instead of viewing these women and thinking of how I could better myself or wishing I looked different, I find myself empowered by the body I have in this lifetime and all of the lonely I keep in the marrow of my bones. Thank you, Asher Moss, thank you.

Miss Lonely by Asher Moss-8


LF: How and when was this project first conceived?

AM: It all started in middle America, 2012. Bored and tired of a restaurant job while drinking away my money, I found a 35mm camera at a flea market and booked a girl on Craigslist using a photo of my ex-girlfriend as my portfolio. It was first called ‘Models in the Morning’ – but soon I discovered this project was about more than models. I wanted to capture ordinary girls too, and girls who had never shot before. It presented a vulnerability that most experienced models can’t access.

Kellie by Asher Moss

LF: Once things started moving, how did the project take shape?

AM: Like anything, it took time to clarify the identity even though there was a purpose from the beginning; to keep the girls real. No photoshopping to add or subtract parts of the girls, but leaving them as they are and encouraging the beauty of imperfections. A lot of people say I only shoot beautiful women, and I agree. These women are beautiful. To some people they might appear as ordinary girls who you may not notice in a room full of people. And even the more model types they too have skin issues, tummy rolls, cellulite on their thighs just like everyone else. If you study the imagery in this book, you’ll find it’s all there just like it used to be in old magazine’s and advertisements. This book is about celebrating the female form, because god damn if it isn’t the most beautiful thing we have on this earth.

Miss Lonely by Asher Moss-11

LF: Do you have a favorite shoot?

AM: I met my wife shooting this project, so that was definitely one of my favorites.

LF: Why the title, Miss Lonely?

AM: Edie Sedgwick is partially responsible, as is Dylan. The title was taken from, “Like a Rolling Stone,” which is a magnificent piece of cultural and societal literature. I shot these girls mostly alone, in dark rooms with natural light pouring in. It felt lonely and beautiful. The title just fits the mood and energy in the rooms we shot. Miss Lonely is the girl who presents an unusual amount of attraction while slipping through the cracks of the worlds ideal of beauty. Miss Lonely is the girl who feels hindered by anyone who tells her what she can and cannot do. Miss Lonely is the free woman who expresses herself when and where she wants, and with whomever she pleases.

Window by Asher Moss

LF: Where did you shoot the work?

AM: All over North America in random hotel rooms, lofts, apartments buildings, mansions and homes. It’s harder to find girls in the middle of nowhere so I stuck to about thirteen major cities.

Rox by Asher Moss-6

LF: What is your hope for others experience with this book?

AM: First, to enjoy it half as much as I did making it. And to ask questions– to question me and to questions themselves.

Erica by Asher Moss

LF: What can we expect from Volume 2?

AM: Europe. That will bring an entirely different vibe, locations, history, and sexual energy.

Miss Lonely by Asher Moss-12

LF: How is your experience with self publishing this project?

AM: It’s really a crazy thing doing something this big on your own. I may have a huge fucking debt, but my heart and mind rest in the utter accomplishment of completing something of this magnitude as an individual that started with a four hundred dollar trailer and a tank full of gas.


In the coming fall months, Miss Lonely will travel between Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville for release parties featuring the collection and the first viewings of the Miss Lonely video, shot and scored by Moss, a 45 minute compilation of all this wondrous beauty.

Watch Asher and his wife and creative partner Melodi’s short film, Kids On The Run.

Buy a copy of Miss Lonely here

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