Kickstarter Watch: Disposable Cameras, Indispensable Images

“There is something undeniably truthful in the way these images have captured the city.” Cafe Art is a community interest company (which means all their profits go back into the social enterprise in which they aim to assist) based in the UK. Their goal is to help heal and establish a creative dialogue with the socially vulnerable, “celebrating the talent of people affected by homelessness.” The project was founded in 2012 and the calendar has existed for the past two years, gaining notoriety and sales through every passing year. Back in July, 100 Fuji Film disposable cameras were handed out to the homeless, 80 of those cameras came back to the project and roughly 2,500 photographs were developed. The only instructions given were that the images be taken with the theme, “My London” in mind.


The diverse, enchanting, and time stilling photographs that were taken were then narrowed down to twenty images via a group of representatives from Cafe Art, Fuji Film, Amateur Photographer magazine, The London Photo Festival, Christie’s and Homeless Link. Those twenty images were placed in a gallery showing where over 2,400 votes were cast to select the final twelve for this years calendar. In addition to the images each artist wrote and included their own personal story, and the compilation of these two mediums have turned this calendar into something much more than a wall adornment. Below are the final images selected for the 2016 My London calendar. And above is the Kickstarter video where you can back the project, and place an order for the calendar to support the growth of Cafe Art and the wonderful role they are playing in this little world of ours.

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