Vanessa Mooney “Indian Summer” by Ali Mitton

It was an Indian Summer you wished would never end. The hot air lasting well into the evening, warming your skin, sweat dripping down your spine, summer shifting to fall. There is something about warm night air that makes everything feel surreal. It was a summer where you began to move slower, the summer you learned the power of sedation by touch. Love is a powerful drug and this was the season you learned to overindulge, devouring a deep passion for all things you encountered, lessons you carried with you into autumn. We are pleased to present the latest from Vanessa Mooney, Indian Summer. Inspired by an adoration for both love and life, Ali Mitton photographs the ethereal Sophia Tatum as she layers delicate jewels and basks in the glow of a life without limits.

Focusing on the delicacy and simplicity of her designs within this collection, these are pieces that take everything and every girl to the next level. Embodying the endless opportunity that accompanies a new season, there is happiness and a distinct sense of playfulness in this new realm of existence. Everything before your eyes is suddenly new. The lust for life, the passion for pleasure, the power of a beautiful woman with a clear mind. Immerse yourself in Vanessa Mooney’s Indian Summer – something cosmic is beginning to happen.

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