The 2 Bandits “Daytripper” by Aaron Feaver

In the summer we take long drives to deserts where the roads don’t bend like our will. We roll down the windows, and roll up cigarettes between thin fingers and talk a lot about who we will be the next time around. I watch her in my rear view mirror and try to think about a time when she wasn’t the expected, wasn’t a given, wasn’t by my side. But those days exist like memories I read on someone else’s refrigerator. She wears gypsy jewelry and bangles that ring in my dreams. I swim in seas to greet her inbetweens. If anyone ever says what they are thinking I pray I am there to hear it. She was a daytripper.


Tamar Wider of The 2 Bandits has released her new collection, Daytripper, of dream pieces today. They feel apt for this hot July and these long summer nights. The gorgeous silver work is mapped with ambers, opals, and glittering moonstone. We get decorated in her work and watch the moon rise. We feels like the enchanted kind, powerful and beautiful, timeless and still. Delilah Summer Parillo in these desertscape moments calls on Joshua trees like old lovers to testify in front Aaron Feaver’s camera.










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