Recap: Ben Jones at Ace Gallery Beverly Hills

This past Saturday we rolled up to Beverly Hills’ Ace Gallery for the unveiling of Ben Jones’ color fest of a solo show. Here are some of photos by Anthony Willams. You can catch this incredible show until Sept 2015 at 9430 Wilshire Blvd!

ART_IMG_9093 ART_IMG_9107 ART_IMG_9113 ART_IMG_9115 ART_IMG_9126 ART_IMG_9129 ART_IMG_9163 ART_IMG_9169 ART_IMG_9183 ART_IMG_9215 ART_IMG_9220 ART_IMG_9230 ART_IMG_9233 ART_IMG_9243 ART_IMG_9268 ART_IMG_9353 ART_IMG_9367 ART_IMG_9371 ART_IMG_9381 ART_IMG_9438 IMG_5895 ART_IMG_9400 ART_IMG_9409 ART_IMG_9474 ART_IMG_9425 ART_IMG_9428 ART_IMG_9438 ART_IMG_9440 ART_IMG_9458 ART_IMG_9467 ART_IMG_9468

L’Agent Goodies…