Preview: Ben Jones at Ace Gallery Beverly Hills

Ben Jones’ aesthetic is enigmatic and childlike, prompting spectators to enter a dimension where wonder and discovery reign. A pioneer of contemporary art since the turn of the century, Jones is best known for his celebration of the 8-bit video medium, visual storytelling, and his knack for creating immersive space experiences. Playing on perspective and place, he uses recurring visuals to create a language that is entirely his own. When immersed in the work of Ben Jones, one is immersed in a world of exploration. It is not uncommon to experience a particular breed of lust when looking into his work – it is a distinct desire to experience his artistic experience in the flesh, a certain kind of hope that one day you may be able to step foot into one of his exhibitions, and a faint fear of how the act of submerging yourself in a non-native world will shift your perception of reality. These emotions are why the artist is a man gifted with a constantly evolving vision. These emotions explain his cult following and art critic appraisal. These emotions are the root of his wonderfully curious work.

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This Saturday, July 11th Ben Jones will be premiering his self-titled exhibition at Beverly Hills’ Ace Gallery. Upon walking into this show, you will be submersed in the cerebral atmosphere of Ben Jones. In addition to the introduction of T.V. Paintings and Cinema Paintings, he will be filling the gallery space with Video Paintings and his infamous wall-climbing New Ladder sculptures. While indulging in his classic visual storytelling, immersive space experience, and Minimalism, Jones’ exhibition pays homage to Sol LeWitt inspired patterns.


From his Video Paintings has come the birth of two new techniques – T.V. Painting and Cinema Painting. Video Paintings are an innovative manner of artistic exploration where Jones blends two forms of media by painting on a canvas and creating a video that is then projected onto said painting. This medium of art allows the spectator to experience the merging of two separate spheres – two works as one complete piece. Staying true to his engineer-esque traits, Jones continually elevates and challenges his work as his career grows.

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Please join us this Saturday evening, July 11th from 7-9pm at the Ace Gallery Beverly Hills located at 9430 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

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