Is the Feminist Clothing Trend Another Marketing Sham?

I’ve noticed that, as of the late, tacking the word feminist onto just about anything makes it a bit more profitable. Feminist sex toys. Feminist porn. Celebrities as feminists. It was only a matter of time before feminist apparel emerged as a rising trend. I don’t believe political beliefs should be trends that can be profited upon and I still cringe when I think of how much money was made off of young, fashion-forward Democrats during Obama’s first run for office. Thus, when Vivianne suggested we cover recent feminist attire, I was uncertain of how I would feel about what I would find.

I feel conflicted. I love that feminist is a household word. I love that the youngest generation of women growing up right now get to flourish in an era where the females they worship are advocates for gender equality. That gives me hope. But, nonetheless, feminist paraphernalia is a slippery slope – it is just another profitable trend. I encourage you to explore your understanding of feminism by answering the following questions honestly before diving head first into this latest trend: Have you studied up on intersectionality? How does feminism work in your life on a daily basis? And, most importantly, are you aware of how, as a woman, marketing tactics affect your consumer habits?

While keeping these questions in mind, I invite you to explore the different fashions this third wave of feminism has borne.

Me and You

A brand founded by best friends Maya Toledano and Julia Baylis that cites “friendship, feminism, messy bedrooms, temporary tattoos, Nancy Sinatra, name necklaces, kisses, and the nostalgia of being a girl” as the driving forces behind their pieces. You know those large, white granny panties with the word, “feminist” on the bum that have been posted frequently on Instagram lately? These are the women behind it.

Bandit Brand

bandit brand

A dear friend of mine recently spoke to me about the negative attention she has received for sporting a DD chest sans bra. While the bra vs no bra debacle may strike some as an ancient debate of second wave feminism, it is relevant enough to still be mentioned. And, as this shirt implies, there is no harm in setting them free.



For sex-positive, tongue-in-cheek clothing for the modern woman, there is OMIGHTY. The Singapore-based online shop was popularized by Miley Cyrus and every 90’s enthusiast fashion blogger within the past few years. Their strongest feminist statement is made via this top, taking a nod to relevant pop culture with Drake’s latest album.



I would hope every dude is a feminist, although I know plenty of men who most certainly are not. I imagine a dude taking a photo in this shirt and posting it to his tinder profile would work wonders. Wait, we are well aware that any dude who actually buys this is doing this to get with women, right?

La Montréalaise Atelier


Je parle féministe,” French for I speak feminist. Simple, understated, feminine and chic. I accept this sweatshirt as a very cute way to declare yourself as a feminist.

Hillary Clinton

hilary clinton

Remember when I said the overwhelming amount of Obama merchandise targeted towards young and hip democrats made me feel uneasy? Well, the same notion goes for the Hillary Clinton merchandise and I recognize this feeling as a matter of personal preference. I cannot deny that this hand-stitched pillow is clever and that the pantsuit t-shirt is hilarious. Hillary, I deeply appreciate your sense of humor.

Feminist Cowboy

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 5.09.09 PM

I know nothing about this brand. They do not have a website. Their Instagram description only says, “100% cashmere sweaters.” All I am left with are photos of beautiful people in cashmere sweaters that say, “feminist cowboy.” I am not sure if this is a marketing tactic or if this is really someone who made these tops for a few of their friends. Either way, they’ve won me over.

L’Agent Goodies…