Babes On Tour: Yosemite (Video)

On their very first night in from Europe, Supra team riders Oscar Candon and Lucien Clarke came out with my girls and I for a wild night of bar hopping in Hollywood. We drank, danced and made promises to get a group of friends together and head up highway 99 to Yosemite before they had to go back to motherland.  It’s kind of rare that girls get to tag along on skate trips, and it’s even more unlikely for a bunch of off duty skaters to end up on one of our Babes On Tours. This time, I wanted to give the guys a taste of our own medicine; a cozy cabin on the lake, well-informed nature exploring, home-cooked meals, bonfires, drinking wine until the wee hours and still wake up at 8am to hit the road. We fell in love with Yosemite Falls, the highest waterfall in North America (and the fifth-highest in the world), marveled at Half Dome and El Capitan and took a freezing dip in the Merced River. Enjoy the photos by Ali Mitton and Laura Austin below and thanks again to Supra for supporting our road tripping habits and keeping us #alwaysontherun.

Supra_Yosemite_LauraAustin_2 Supra_Yosemite_Alimitton_1 Supra_Yosemite_LauraAustin_1 LiveFast_Yosemite_LauraAustin_0379 Supra_Yosemite_Alimitton_2 Supra_Yosemite_Alimitton_6 Supra_Yosemite_Alimitton_4 Supra_Yosemite_Alimitton_5 LiveFast_Yosemite_LauraAustin_0521 Supra_Yosemite_LauraAustin_3 Supra_Yosemite_LauraAustin_9 Supra_Yosemite_LauraAustin_4 Supra_Yosemite_LauraAustin_5 Supra_Yosemite_LauraAustin_7 Supra_Yosemite_LauraAustin_8 suprayosemite_0819 Supra_Yosemite_LauraAustin_10 LiveFast_Yosemite_LauraAustin_0310 Supra_Yosemite_LauraAustin_12 Supra_Yosemite_Alimitton_3 Supra_Yosemite_Alimitton_9 Supra_Yosemite_LauraAustin_16 Supra_Yosemite_LauraAustin_17 Supra_Yosemite_Alimitton_8 Supra_Yosemite_LauraAustin_19 Supra_Yosemite_Alimitton_10 Supra_Yosemite_Alimitton_11 Supra_Yosemite_Alimitton_12 suprayosemite_1274 Supra_Yosemite_LauraAustin_20 Supra_Yosemite_LauraAustin_21 suprayosemite_1166

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