What is a Feminist Sex Toy?

First, there was feminist porn. Now there is a feminist sex toy made by Dame. My skepticism is rising as I notice that the “f-word” has become pop culture’s biggest buzz word. What makes a vibrator non-feminist? Aren’t all vibrators rather feminist? Isn’t any female-centric sex toy fighting the greater good, making them all feminist? How can an inanimate object be feminist?

Eva is the first hands-free vibrator designed for couples. Basically, it loops like a tiny computer mouse with little flexible wings attached to it. The wings tuck under your labia, thus giving it a grip onto your clitoris, making it a non-intrusive sex toy. The attractiveness of this situation is endless for both you and your partner. Alex Fine, the CEO of Dame Products, holds a masters in Psychology from Columbia University. Janet, the woman who designed the Eva, is a MIT-trained mechanical engineer. With these two women combining forces to make the absolute best sex toys possible, I suppose the term “feminist sex toy” is somewhat more bearable, despite the idea of using a political concept that simply means equality amongst genders to be a selling point for a vibrator striking me as a bit… odd.


The $105 price point is manageable, considering the mechanics of the toy. And, according to their commercial that provides testimonials from couples, it is worth the investment. Try it out for yourself and order yours here.

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