We Are Knot Sisters: Gia Marie & Alexis Montgomery

Right in time for National Best Friends Day, we present you the latest installment of our editorial collaboration with Knot Sisters, featuring model & playmate Gia Marie and her gorgeous bff, Alexis Montgomery. We’ve asked these two firecrackers to ask each other a series questions, and the interview that ensued is just as colorful as we had imagined.


GIA: Who were we in a Past Life?

ALEXIS: Dorothy & Blanche from The Golden Girls.  I’m Bea Arthur, you’re Rue McClanahan. I’m the mouth, you’re the beauty.

GIA: Give me my spirit animal and why?

ALEXIS: A combo of majestic unicorn and cawing magpie. The unicorn because you possess a beauty that is otherworldly. The magpie because you don’t shut up. Caw! Caw!


GI:  If there was something you could change about me what would it be? Be honest!

ALEXIS: You are so many wonderful things in my eyes… beautiful, creative, funny, and independent. The only place I would be eager to see a change is in the romance department. You deserve someone who loves you for all that you are and wants to enrich your life. A partner that is true and worthy. I think any of your friends would say the same.

GIA Most memorable time we have had together?

ALEXIS: Too many to count! Hmmmm… that one time when I was married (lol), you planned the best bachelorette weekend for me… stripper poles and a panty-party. What more could a girl ask for?
Years later, you came to the hospital the morning after I gave birth and held my not even day old baby. Seeing your best friend cradling the most precious gift/thing/human in your life is truly magical and bittersweet. Your face had a glow I had never seen before. It was this look of warmth and true love. I know I’ll see it again when you become a mother too.


GIA: What stands out to you as one of the most fun nights we have had?

ALEXIS: When you’ve been friends as long as we have, that’s a tough one because there are so many. Going to New York at 21, getting piggy rides from Asher up and down the hallway of our hotel and calling him a centaur. Chuck Pizza. Marco. Your sister’s bach party in Palm Springs. She answered the hotel door buck-ass naked and jumped me like a wildebeest.  Then on the way to the club, we butt-dialed my dad at midnight and he overheard a very risqué conversation about our “number.” Whoops… sorry dad.

GIA: Why do you think our friendship has lasted for so long, and what is its most redeeming quality?

ALEXIS : Though you and I have gone down very different life paths throughout the years and we don’t always see eye-to-eye, our friendship is genuine.  There is good and bad. There is honesty, patience, and forgiveness. I love how your crazy brain works. You are a total weirdo and one of the only people that can make me laugh until I pee myself.  In homage to the movie Brokeback Mountain, I can’t quit you!


GIA: Can you remember the saddest or darkest moment we have endured in our friendship?

ALEXIS: That’s easy. It wasn’t one of our disagreements… that stuff happens when you’ve practically grown up together. It was the day Alfie got stung by a bee and almost died. Driving you to the emergency with Alfie lifeless in your lap was so horrifying. Still gives me the heebie-geebies to think about it. Thank god he was ok.

GIA: Who would you rather have sex with…. Gerard Depardieu or Clint Howard?

ALEXIS: How is this even a question? Gerard Depardieu, duh! You know I love me a sizable man. Plus he’s French so he probably has good cheese in his fridge. And wine. Definitely not Clint Howard, but probably Clint Eastwood… oh hey Grandpa!


GIA: What is your favorite sex position? 

ALEXIS: All of them as long as there are snacks in reach for afterwards. I’m hungry.

GIA: Have you ever secretly plotted to kill me and if so, how would you do it?

ALEXIS: Secretly? Everybody knew about that shit! Kidding. I would never want to kill you because you are too fun to have around. Maybe violently shake or smack you around a little, but that’s it.


ALEXIS:  If you could choose someone – living or dead – to sit down and have a drink with, who would it be and why?

GIA: Tough one… There are some many people I find alluring & whose brain I would love to get into for a minute. I mean Jim Morrison because I’m utterly fascinated with him in so many ways. I think he’s a talented musician, poet and certified weirdo – also devastatingly handsome and would probably want to drink with me all night long. Whiskey shots!

ALEXIS: 3 most memorable moments of our 15 years of friendship… Go!

GIA: oOmg the time you lit your hair on fire in my bathroom cause you were stupid drunk and thought you were being sexy and flipped it into a candle, haha. That night we peeled out of the gas station with the gas pump still attached to my car and drove all the way down Sunset Blvd for miles with it still attached! And all of our fun crazy nights going out underage in Hollywood with Nicole, Courtney, Asher and that whole crew. Those were the days. I remember all of our outfits, jean skirts, one shoulder tops and Frankie B jeans. Haha!


ALEXIS: We’ve been friends for nearly half our lives. What do you attribute our lasting friendship to?

GIA: I think we have remained friends for so long because we really understand and “get” each other. It’s not often you find someone who has the same humor and encompasses all the amazing qualities you want in a friend. I mean you’re pretty much my sister. We can argue and fight and at the end of the day we know we are gonna work it out and still love each other. You’re also a fucking unicorn. When you find one, capture it and don’t let it go.

ALEXIS: Was there a time you were ever envious of me?

GIA: Um duh, of course. You have the the style of Sienna Miller, the mane of Black Beauty the horse, the ass of J.Lo, and the eyes of Billy Ocean’s song Caribbean queen. You are such a beautiful girl inside and out on all counts it would be hard not to be envious of you and your perfect bod!


ALEXIS: If you could change something about me, what would it be?

GIA: Hmmm…I would give you a sex change so we could get married and have babies! Haha ok, half kidding. I think honestly just the fact that you didn’t listen to me when I said your ex-husband was a tool. But he gave you an amazing child, so we gotta give him some credit for that.

ALEXIS: Think of a lie or secret you never revealed to me… Bitch, I know there are at least a couple!

GIA: Honestly, I can’t think of anything I haven’t ever told you. I am such an open book – I tell everyone everything. Sometimes I sugar coat things because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but that’s about it. Oh and that one time I had sex with your dad. Hahaha kidding!!!!


ALEXIS: If you had 3 wishes – can be anything at all – what would they be?

GIA: To have the start up money so I can produce my makeup bag line and launch it successfully & globally. Wealthy emotionally, spiritually and financially. Last one is what I always wanted… and it’s to have my own family, a house in Malibu with a garden and farm and a beautiful, kind husband and little surfer kids. My dream.

ALEXIS: If you could have 3 items from my wardrobe, what would you want?

GIA: All of your amazing Asian-sized shoes, your designer handbags, and all your bling ass diamonds awwwww shiitttt!


ALEXIS: Would you rather have sex with Carrot Top or Rosie O’Donnell?

GIA: Well obviously Rosie. Because she would throw my ass around and show me how it’s done, haha. Because she’s pretty much a man and Carrot Top is pretty much a woman and looks too much like me on a bad day, so that would be kinda gross.

ALEXIS: Ok now just give me compliments. Gush. Tell me why I’m amazing.

GIA: I don’t know where to start because you’re such an amazing woman and you encompass so many wonderful qualities. I love you like a sister, because you make me laugh and pee in my pants constantly. You’re so kind and generous. Beautiful inside and out, so damn smart. Have the best weave game in town (kidding it’s real) always there for me no matter what what.  You never judge me or criticize me (well at least to my face) ha. I always feel safe with telling you anything. As Gary Oldman eloquently said in Dracula “I would cross oceans of time” for you.


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