Vanessa Mooney SS15 “Starry Nights” by Andrew Kuykendall

The world opens up and you run madly into the abyss, the warm exhilaration of freedom tracing your spine. You’ve got an untamed heart and a curious mind; a wild streak and a summer of reckless abandon. Enter Vanessa Mooney‘s latest collection, Starry Nights. Inspired by a lust for summer and the excitement of a fast life, the collection is an ode to classic Americana vibes and fearless women. Andrew Kuykendall photographs the beautiful Chelsea Schuchman as she lavishes in her youthful independence while donning the LA designer’s latest creations.


Shot in Ojai, California, Starry Nights acts as a source of visual inspiration, stimulating the eye and inspiring the spectator to relax, indulge, and appreciate the beauty of losing one’s inhibitions. It is a nod to late nights and crazier days where each moment leaves an imprint upon your memory. Mooney’s latest creations are beautiful – delicate enough to be layered yet bold enough to wear alone. She has seamlessly embodied the All American Summer in this collection, with staple pieces that will have you hoping for an Indian Summer. For those who live free, we introduce Starry Nights.

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