The Perfect Day Trip Out Of Portland

On the long road home we passed by places and people we’d been, waved to them out the window like stick figures and silhouettes along the highway. We made peace. Because sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery for an entirely new perspective.

Shot on 35mm film by Amanda Leigh Smith with a underworld-like quality, these images capture a no man’s land in eastern Oregon. It is the perfect day trip out of Portland to completely reorient yourself to, yourself.

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Detroit Lake, Oregon, 46 miles southeast of Salem and adjacent to Oregon Route 22 is a reservoir impounded by the Detroit dam. In the winter they drain this man made lake resulting in a vast graveyard of exposed doulas fir tree stumps far and wide. The feeling is both magical and frozen in time.


Petersen Rock Garden of Redman, Oregon, is the folk art vision of one man. Rasmus Peterson spent the last seventeen years of his life constructing this rock garden and has left it behind for us to enjoy. He collected rock, glass, driftwood and shells from the surrounding areas and crafted them into replica pieces as a tribute to America. At the foot of Lady Liberty is an all too fitting plaque reading: Enjoy Yourself, It’s Later Than You Think. This groovy location is just a brief jaunt from Bend, Oregon and a mere two hours from the tree stump graveyard above.

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This snowy escape is the next stop on your day trip, headed over Mckenzie Pass, en route to Sisters, Oregon. It’s truly something else what you can find when you just get in the car and drive. The world is outside your backdoor. Grab a friend, turn on the tunes, and pick a route, we just made for you. Adventures!

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