The Greatest Hippie Haven To Ever Exist: Taylor Camp

All you need is love, and a chunk of island land hugging the rural coast of Kauai. Such was the scene in the 1970’s for the most idyllic hippie haven ever captured on film. Taylor Camp was an escape for a generation tired of the violence and consumerism of the main stream. It was not a commune and there were no rules, says Hawaii based photographer John Wehrheim who was allowed into the fold to capture some of their most intimate moments. He was paid for his photographs in meals, weed, parties, and the best kinds of memories. His book, Taylor Camp, tells the story of nearly one hundred men, women, and children who called this place home in the 1970’s.


Located on a section of land owned by Howard Taylor (brother to Elizabeth Taylor) here this group of war veterans, students, teachers, artists, and wanderers constructed homes made of bamboo and tin, grew their own food, fished the sea, and raised their children. Like all good things the perfect little place ran it’s course and residents eventually relocated under government pressures to turn the land into a state park and they found new homes around the island. But the eight year stink of Taylor Camp lives on in our hopeful imaginations of one day finding our own slice of heaven, whatever and wherever that may be.

3.-Diane-Upstairs-in-tne-Bedroom 4.-The-School-Teachers-House 5.-Dana-Karma-at-the-Big-House 8.-Roberto-in-front-of-Sharon-and-Karmas-House 12.-Johnny-and-Marie-at-home Bobo-making-lunch

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