The FAST Guide To The Hamptons (Summer 2015 Edition)

Originally from South Africa, Kiara Horwitz moved to the US when she was 7 years old. Growing up in Orange County until college, she attended Cal State Fullerton University where she majored in Journalism and PR. During college, she interned at Allure Magazine for Conde Nast for 2 years in both LA and NYC, then took the plunge and moved to NY without a job – and landed her first PR agency job. But a self starter after our own heart, it didn’t take long for her to craft her own path.

“Throughout six years of living in NYC, I have worked at several different agencies and built myself quite the network of media/celebrities/nightlife and fashion clients, and at one point I knew it was time to quit and do my thing. Old clients and friends kept coming to me to ask for help in the PR realm and to help them with one-off events, eventually I thought “I can do this on my own.” I built a website, brought on some clients such as Jeremy Penn (my artist who is not only a client but a best friend) and have built myself a PR company from the ground up organically. I am now onto year three and currently have 6 clients under the KHPR, Inc. umbrella from NYC-Hamptons!”

It was only natural that we reach out to this firecracker to put together our ultimate guide to eating, mingling and partying in the Hamptons over the summer! Take notes !

1. The Surf Lodge – This was the first spot I ever went in Montauk and it still has my heart! Make sure to get a dinner reservation to get in! This is one tricky door.

2. Montauk Saltbox – One of my clients and favorite new fish-shack in Montauk! Centrally located in the heart of downtown Montauk, this is your perfect go-to for lunch/dinner or pre-drinks!!

3. The Montauk Beach House – My favorite chill hang spot during the day, where you can lay poolside, have a cocktail and float in a super cool floatie of your choice! Not to mention, my client Jeremy Penn is the art resident there right now and we just unveiled the new collection “Le Seduction de Glamour”.

4. The Shagwong – A client of mine and the most iconic and oldest bar/restaurant in Montauk! The Shags is your go-to local spot for beers and shots, hit this up late night with me, oh! And feel free to dance on the bar!

5. Navy Beach – This is my favorite place for a sunset cocktail! Grab a crew and sit comfortably next to the water, where you can watch the sky change colors as the sun goes down!

6. Harlow East – Another Hamptons foodie favorite! Harlow East has the BEST real estate in Sag Harbor, owned by one of my clients, Jon Krasner, this eatery is best known for their good food and back bar reggae vibes!

7. Mixology Clothing Company – Fashion client of mine, with 7 retail stores in the Tri-state area opened their first Hampton location in Westhampton! This is my go-to spot for the hottest trends this summer!! The opening event will be July 11th – keep an eye out for the invite!

8. Ruschmyers – My favorite hotspot for a chill Friday night! Dance it up inside or drink/hang outside on the swings! Tip: You can sneak in around the grass area in the back if you want to avoid the line 😉

9. Harbor – Looking for a late night dance party? You will definitely find it here! Head over to Harbor late night for dancing drinking and beats by Jamo Willis.

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