Sex Trends to Watch: Chakrubs

I’ve been fascinated with the contraptions my sex-positive generation creates as of the late. Last time it was feminist porn and cannabis lube. Now, my eye is on crystal dildos. It is a rather novel idea – I remember browsing in a crystals shop a few months back and I saw a long, slender, and smooth crystal. It was beautiful and light to the touch. I thought to myself, “This really looks like a dildo. This would make a fantastic dildo”

chakrub4Shortly after that day in the crystal store, I came across Chakrubs, a sexual wellness brand created by Vanessa Cuccia specializing in sex toys made from 100% crystal. Vanessa had the same thought that I did whilst looking at crystals and realized she had reached her calling. Many believe in the healing powers of crystals – that these rocks hold ancient powers and properties that hold the ability to like (skeptics, please visit the ‘Academia‘ section of the Chakrubs site) transmit vibrations and energy and good feelings. After reading the Chakrub testimonial page, I realized that Cuccia created something that goes beyond one’s typical pleasure chest collectible.


While Chakrubs products are mostly dildos, there is something called a “Rose Bud.” Upon closer inspection, I learned it was a yoni egg. A yoni egg is a completely new concept to me, however they have been in use for quite some time to strengthen the pelvic muscles while cleansing the energy in your pelvis. It is basically an excellent alternative to kegel exercises and I imagine would be a wonderful gift for a new mother.


I suppose the best part about Chakrubs is the fact that it is body safe. There are no parabens or plastics. They are easy to clean. It is simple and non-intimidating. The brand is one of natural luxury and sophisticated taste. Pick up yours here.

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