Kickstarter Watch: La Luciernaga

There is nothing in this life like grief. It can and it will, inevitably and unfortunately, strike you down, most often when you least expect it. This is a certain. La Luciérnaga (The Firefly) is a feature length film exploring a grief process so unique it becomes universal. A rich and beautiful narrative of two women who are brought together through the sudden death of one young vibrant man whom they both loved.

This is Ana Maria Hermida’s first feature length film and she has been on a wild journey for years with an incredible team to make this happen, and she is so very close. The funding for this Kickstarter will go toward the final steps of post production so the world can see this film. This story was inspired by Ana Maria’s own life and tragedy of losing her younger brother suddenly in a car accident. She found a new kind of love and friendship in his longtime girlfriend who was, in her own way, also grieving this immense loss. It is an impossible space to navigate, and yet we as humans do it time and time again because we must. La Luciérnaga is a triumph of love, light, darkness, and hope. Join us in helping to fund this project to see it reach its full fruition.

“It is like a poem about light, and in order to have light you must have darkness.” – Ana Maria Hermida

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