Kickstarter Watch: Sharon

“Throughout my career I have been driven to give a voice to the voiceless – to be on the side of the underdog.” – Leon Borensztein

We fell in love with this project the second we hit play on the Kickstarter video. There is something heartbreaking and triumphant in Borensztein’s voice as he speaks of his disabled daughter Sharon. This photographic essay documents the beautiful, difficult, and ever changing relationship between Borensztein and his daughter. He began photographing her before she was born and has continued for the past thirty years to capture her as she grows, and the process of caring for her. Some of the photographs are of struggle while others are a celebration of what an incredible woman Sharon is and all she is capable of.


Like any relationship there is an indescribable dynamic between the two of them, as an audience we are allowed briefly glimpse inside their life through this incredible documentation. Borensztein is a renowned photographer, his works has appeared in Life, American Photography, The New York Times Magazine, Harper’s, and more. This will be his fifth book of photography and a personal apex for this incredible artist. Watch the video and become a part of this story.

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