“Gone Girl” by Shelby Duncan

The last time I saw her she was all draped in sun shine and salt water, limbs like railroads across the table. I wanted to touch her, wanted to take her home and put her in the window seat where she used to read her horoscope. But she was someone else now. Her eyes hidden behind big black sunglasses forced me stare so hard, thinking I might be able to read her, but I only saw myself– like she’d found a new identity just by putting them on. I kept on wondering if she was this electric when she was mine, did I feel volts through my fingertips when we touched? I couldn’t remember. The most beautiful thing about her was that she was already gone.


The perfect capture of an independent woman, shot in Southern California at Hotel Figueroa by Shelby Duncan for UK based posh eyewear creators, ZanZan. Muse Breanna Box is the apex of elegance in these shades, and has us all hot and bothered in that swimming pool. What a dream.

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