For Nudie, by The 2Bandits

Here’s a dream team collaboration between Erin Wasson, The 2Bandits, and classic country suit creators Nudie’s Rodeo Tailor. It’s no secret I’m over the moon for anything country, but this meets my needs on a whole new level. Let’s start with the fact designer Tamar Wider of The 2Bandits had the incredibly genius idea to team up with Nudie. Lets talk about Nudie for a second. Nudie Cohen was the first person to put rhinestones on clothing back in the 1940’s, which basically makes him our hero. Nudie’s custom tailored suits have outfitted some of the greatest stars to take the stage from Elvis Presley to John Lennon and the tradition continues today. And to properly execute this debut she has enlisted mega babe Erin Wasson as her muse, who shares her hometown of Dallas, Texas.

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Wider has created this new capsule collection in the fabulous spirit of Nudie – designed to to be bold and fearless, exemplifying Nudie Cohen’s flare and attention to detail. Many of the pieces are studded, as the should be, and others take on a bit more of a fanicful eye catching quality. Several are statement pieces to will turn up the heat on any outfit, even if you aren’t covered head to toe in rhinestones. In addition Wasson and Wider have turned this into a passion project, sales proceeds will benefit the preservation of this fashion institution. Long live Nudie’s!



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