Elliott Landy’s “Opening Night” NYC Book Release

Everyone has evenings of their life frozen in time – captured against the glittering backdrop of your memory, photographic stills of you young, drunk, and in love. Opening Night is a celebration of the finest style of partying captured by famed photographer Elliott Landy offering a unique vantage into the star culture of the 1960’s. This limited edition book from Imperial Publishing is comprised of 68 pages of never-before-seen images of Elizabeth Taylor, Faye Dunaway, Barbra Streisand, Dustin Hoffman and more – pages filled with candid, haunting, and magnetic shots of some of the most iconic stars of their generation. For six months in 1968, Landy attended the crème de la crème of events a world away from the turmoil, protests, and streets of that year. These pictures capture a certain moment frozen in time, and even then, out of place amongst the backdrop of the chaotic world that was unfolding around them. Opening Night is released this Thursday, June 25th with a party at the Jane Hotel co-hosted by our friends at Paperwork NYC.  Don’t miss ouy.

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