Art Crush: Abandoned Love

I used to write poems and stick them between beverages at the gas station so a stranger would find them later even though they would never know I wrote it. One of my life goals is to witness a flashmob, not because I particularly love dancing. But because I want to be surprised, caught off guard, and filled with an intense joy for no other reason than people came together to make someone random smile and think and pause. I love art for the fuck of it, for no other reason than the act of creation and enjoyment. I think this is why I am so struck by this project, Abandoned Love, it feels in the same vein to me.


These signs were created by Peyton Fulford, a Georgia-based photographer and digital artist. Abandoned Love is a photo series in which she asked people around the world via Tumblr to send her their most private thoughts, texts, and diary entries. And they did. And then she turned them into banners and placed them on various abandoned buildings throughout Colombus, Georgia. Because she is awesome and because she wanted to explore the relationship between love and melancholy particularly in our strange digital age and bring some tangibility to all of it. Amen to that.

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