“Shadow” by Annie Edmonds


I dreamt in vintage grain last night that you met me in the field we use to run through together; loose, and nervous. Images flickered and flashed like a sticky film reel. You were a shadow, a muffled voice always behind me. I awoke with a sinking feeling I had lost something I knew I lost years ago. Feverish was my skin in this midnight hour as a lay alone, skin pulsing with a rhythm we should have shared till the end of our days. You are the ghost of my time, my waking dream and I can only pray that one day you hear me calling your name in the wind as it passes through the gaping space between us.


Like a dark Cabernet , Annie Edmonds’ photography is deliciously smooth, capturing private moments playing out behind the eyes of model Roxanna as she gazes over a solemn field on a hazy Sunday afternoon. Annie takes on a character of her own behind the lens infusing an almost ghostly presence to these images. Heavy dark grains set the mood to an otherwise naturally lit scene. It’s rare to find a photographer who knows how to work so articulately with natural light. Annie uses natural elements to enhance the distinctly powerful women she shoots on a regular basis. Her images make you want to smile, laugh and dance with her subjects who glow in golden light and we are big fans.

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