5 Bookstores You’ll Want To Get Lost In

Summer is only a few weeks away and the buzz of travel plans are pulsating. While some of our babes are prepping for the Live FAST Summer Tour, others are mapping out Central American adventures. With this excitement comes a lust to see the most exquisite sites possible. I suppose some travelers attempt to track down the best cocktail, late night haunt or most authentic foreign food. I, on the other hand, find delight in visiting the most obscure bookstore.

It isn’t always about the quality of the literature offered, more often it is about the ambience. Am I transported to my childhood pleasure of reading? Are there tiny nooks throughout the building where I can find respite from the vibrations of culture shock that surround me? Do I feel as if I have stepped into a dream? These are the things that race through my mind when I step foot in a bookstore for the first time. I’ve compiled a list of my top five drool-worthy bookstores, located across the globe.


Rome, Italy


A specialized art library in Rome with clean aesthetics that will have architecture enthusiasts head over heels. It is located inside the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, which is a large art exhibition space, making it the ultimate destination for art lovers.

Plural Bookshop

Bratislava, Slovokia


I have a penchant for bookstores that have rows of books stacked to the ceiling, close enough so I can read the titles, yet just out of my reach. The bonus for this shop? The unique stacking of stairs means I can actually grab whatever I please before nesting.

 Boekhandel Selexyz Dominicanen

Maastricht, Holland

church book store 6498_2

The grandeur of an ancient church paired with thousands of books. Created by Dutch architects Merkx + Girod, this space was once a Dominican cathedral. The romantic architecture, stained glass, and plethora of titles is beautifully haunting.

The Last Bookstore

Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles native or not, there is no denying that this giant bookstore is one of the most exquisite. The decor is whimsical like a Dr. Seuss book, their graphic novel section is vast, and they even have a large record selection for all you vinyl-heads.

 Daikanyama Tsutaya Books

Tokoyo, Japan


Situated inside the Daikanyama T-Site, a bourgeois retail complex, is Daikanyama Tsutaya Books. Slick lines, modern furnishings, and a plethora of both English and Japanese titles make this bookstore worthy of a full day’s exploration.

Did I miss any of your favorite spots? E-mail me at julia@livefastmag.com

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