Lingerie Guide: Impish Lee

I am the kind of girl who always has to scour through the bins at department stores for an extra small top and some extra large bottoms, or I try to special order fancy lingerie to my measurements but it never comes out the way I want, and I never end up feeling like the super babe I thought I would. So, two sisters in Brooklyn have now totally blown my mind with a new e-commerce concept allowing customers to design their own undergarments.

Once fully funded, Impish Lee will be an interactive lingerie shop that will allow customers to pick and choose every aspect of their undergarments, from the cut, to the color, to the oh-so-specific sizes we need! Hallelujah! With 25 designs to choose from and over 50 fabrics to create with, there are over 27 trillion possibilities! Every piece will be hand cut and sewn specifically to your order and liking and shipped to your door within three weeks of your order date. I know – it just keeps on getting better. There are only three days to go to pre-order the goods via the brand’s Kickstarter page. Let’s help these smart ladies change the game!

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