Honeyfox Jewelry “Badlands Blues”

I don’t think Waylon Jennings was right when he said, “Mommas don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys.” I think there is something pretty damn great about being hard to love and living in a faded pair of Levis, something special about cold mountain air and smoky pool room bars. It just so happens Heidi Lieberman of Honeyfox Jewelry agrees with me. Her newest collection of jewelry is the perfect accessories to turn any city slicker into the ideal cowgirl. Everything is handmade and irresistible, with eye-catching color combinations and gorgeous intricate designs. Lieberman says most of her pieces are created while zoning out to some music, and that learning to bead in such detail was an act of true patience. There is so much love and inspiration going into every item. I for one love wearing a line like this because I am the only one with this necklace, this pair of earrings, they were made to live with me, on me.


This honky tonk angel lookbook was shot by Amanda Leigh Smith on 35mm film in Eastern Oregon. The inspiration was derived from all that Lieberman loves – the outdoors, anything country, and Honeyfox. Model Ally Ford makes the perfect outlaw in this shoot, with steel eyes and an I don’t give a fuck attitude, her blonde locks in perfect harmony with the landscape. Shop the collection here.

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