A Scientifically More Memorable Summer

It’s science, our brains are inclined to remember things more clearly when they strike high levels of emotion. We construct memories around experience and if you think back through your life the mundane seems background noise to the moments in which something new, something fantastic, something different took place. So, in order to create a summer that is truly unforgettable we give you a new list of summer must’s that will strike your pleasure center from all angles. Because summer is the season we spend all year dreaming of, and plotting out. There is something truly magical about heat and the freedom, the endlessly long days in which anything can and often does happen. And if you play your cards right the perfect summer can live on forever. It is a season that presses so visibly upon our desires and reminds you life is about as short as a good pool party. There are an array of ways to seize season, a slew of cocktail recipes to conjure up, and road trips to take. The only caveat is where to begin…

1. CAMP’s Summer Daze Collection, launching May 4th. It’s no surprise that CAMP is absolutely crushing the laid back summer 70’s vibe. This line seems created to shine this time of year, with high cut skater shorts and classic tees. They not only make you look like a total fox but they’re heavenly soft, which lets be honest is number one when it gets hot out there. These are must haves in every babes arsenal.


2. Mary Gaitskill, Bad Behavior. Summer time is made for catching up on good books. Do yourself a favor with this one and set your inner nerd free for awhile by the pool. Gaitskill’s debut collection published in 88′ is filled with longing, desire, and characters that will leap from the pages and live with you long after the season has passed.


3. Floral Wine Ice. Yes, I said wine ice. Because it’s hot as hell and your wine should be cold as ice, but you don’t want to ruin it. And because fancy never goes out of style. The trick here is that the flowers aren’t just super adorable they are also crucial in the process of freezing the wine, it helps hold the whole thing together. Genius. (be sure you buy edible flowers)


4. . This summer’s soundtrack– Sam Outlaw’s new album, Angeleno, due out June 9th. There is no better way to spend this season than listening to this LA crooner break your heart. This young man has recently been credited by The New Yorker for reintroducing Los Angeles to good real country music.

5. Summer Camp is a legendary rite of passage. Lucky for us some kids at heart have blazed forward creating camps across the country designed to give adults the same sort of experience. Camp No Counselors is an all inclusive adult sleep away camp with sessions in four fabulous parts of the country: Los Angeles, Nashville, Chicago, and New York. Registration is currently is open to the public. And your fee for the weekend includes an open bar!

6. It’s almost impossible to narrow down summer into one cocktail, to find a drink that years from now will taste still like those months of sun and someone certain. Perhaps it’s my style, or perhaps it’s just damn good, but I believe less is more. Keep it simple above all else. And on that note I want to call to center stage – the Bourbon & Tonic, the perfect summer drink, understated, effective and delicious.


7. The perfect road trip. A researcher in Michigan mapped out a road trip through America using an algorithm that stops at 50 major landmarks in 13,699 miles, the fastest route to do so. He claims it encompasses everything someone would want to see in this country. He says the journey would realistically take three months. Not feeling up to the whole thing? Pick the section closest to you and circle back.


L’Agent Goodies…